Joey Ifft – US Soldier, lost 19lbs on The DEFoW Diet

The first DEFoW hero, and star of the show today is Joey Ifft.  I met Joey at the pan-American Kettlebell championships at the Arnold’s in Columbus Ohio a few years ago and we hit it off and have kept in touch over facebook ever since.

Joey was one of the first to buy a copy of Don’t Eat for Winter and applied the DEFoW principles to his diet. He has achieved some great results in a very short period of time.  The best feedback he’s given is that he feels so good.

Joey is one of our first Infinite Autumn Escapees!

Here’s what Joey had to say…

“As a Correctional Lieutenant, Operator with the Ohio Correctional Special Operations Group, and a U.S. Soldier maintaining my personal fitness is key to success. I found myself struggling to maintain my weight and at 32 began packing on the pounds. I went from 184lbs to 210lbs in just a few months.

My good friend Cian released his book Don’t Eat For Winter and I ordered one almost immediately. The amount of work and passion that I found in this book was insurmountable. Cian really poured his heart and soul into the book and I began to employ the concepts into my lifestyle change and the effects have been nothing short of miraculous.

I feel better at 32 than I have in my 20’s and it’s all about what you put into your body and the science behind fueling the body. I’m now back down to 191lbs from 210lbs, a loss of 19lbs!!!

I will continue to recommend this book to everyone I come across! “

You can get a copy of Don’t Eat for Winter here.

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Cian Foley is a Software Engineer from Waterford, Ireland and also a 2 time European, pan-American and World amateur kettlebell champion. Cian was a 115kg (256lb) obese 35 year old and has completely transformed into to a fit and healthy 78kg athlete through his 8 year journey of discovery around nutrition and exercise. He now competes as a natural bodybuilder at the age of 43 to prove that it is never too late to get into great shape without the use of steroids.