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There is an obesity crisis in the animal kingdom every single autumn.  In 2015, it was milder than usual and squirrels became even more obese because their autumn was extended.  Now imagine if you extended their autumn indefinitely?  What would happen these poor little critters?

We don’t have to imagine because it is we who live in such an environment, an infinite autumn where all of the worlds harvest is available at our finger tips 24/7/365 through modern ingenuity. We are the ultimate squirrels!

It gets even worse for us though as not only are autumnal foods hyper-available all year round in their whole food form, they’re also available in refined form, where the taste is extracted in order to tickle our primal gorge instincts and hugely beneficial nutrients are discarded.

Unlike animals, who use the extra body-weight to great effect over the winter (as a backup energy supply and thermal insulation layer), we never get the chance to lose the weight we gain. We continuously prepare our bodies for a winter that never comes.  The result is that 2/3 of adults in many countries around the earth are either obese or overweight and the problem is getting worse.

If you’re struggling to lose those last few pounds in the gym it must be realised that it is extremely difficult to out-train autumnal foods and we cannot fight instinct with willpower alone.  Think about it, squirrels scurry around in autumn, yet gain weight because their food environment changes so that they can gain weight in order to survive winter.

Human ingenuity has caused this problem, so in order to escape the infinite autumn, we must look to nature and use our intelligence in an equal manner to simulate what nature once stipulated and apply this knowledge to our personal lives.  Knowledge + Action = Power!!!

Don’t Eat for Winter’s DEFoW diet, the first anti-autumnal diet, makes this process as straightforward as possible allowing you to configure a sustainable dietary lifestyle to suit your tastes and to support your exercise and lifestyle needs. It will help you to avoid the combinations of food that make it difficult to stop once you start!

It is not about denial or calorie restriction, it is about avoiding foods that make you feel like constantly snacking and that put you in a winter preparation state, and about applying sensible nutrition to your daily exercise.

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***** Don’t Eat for Winter has several 5 star ratings on *****

“I have been following the nutrition recommendations in Cian Foley’s book ‘Don’t Eat For Winter’ for 2 months and it has made a HUGE impact on my shedding unwanted bodyfat, but has also allowed me to make gains in both my strength and endurance. I originally bought this book because I saw the results Foley was getting on social media and wanted to try it for myself. I am happy that I am able to see my 6-pack abs! At 40 years old, I didn’t think I would be making the gains like I have in the past 2 months. Foley’s recommendations also helps me recover faster from my workouts – which should be a selling point alone for all athletes out there. Highly recommend this book!”

– Vice Lujan

“This book gets 5 stars for simplifying what we as humans choose to ignore,”Don’t Eat for Winter”. A factual book that delves into our mind describing how we feel before,during and after eating good and bad food.The author never says “do not eat that” but identifies we are all human and have a need to be rewarded even though we may indulge in the sweeter things in life. A very descriptive book that does not get tied down in facts and figures but really expressed how I feel about food and the journey we take trying to find that express diet to solve all our problems when simply we need dedication,will power and understanding of the body and mind to prevent us from “Eating for Winter”. Most enjoyable and an easy read so enjoy.”

– Darren Gater

About the Author

Don’t Eat for Winter is written by IUKL Amateur World Kettlebell Champion Cian Foley, with foreword by medical doctor, Dr. Mark Rowe.

Cian was 18.5 stone and morbidly obese himself a mere 5 years ago, and so has an insight into how to fuel the body correctly in order to transform it from couch-potato into great shape having gone through the process himself.

“I’ve always struggled with weight.  My nickname was Chubby in school and I ended up 18.5 stone and in a lot of physical pain at 35.  I finally overcame my obesity, losing 7 stone of pure fat in total using my Don’t Eat for Winter (DEFoW) method. Through DEFoW I have gotten into the best shape of my life in my 40s and have maintained it for 2 years now. I wrote Don’t Eat for Winter and came up with my DEFoW method to help people struggling to become their summer time selves!”

DEFoW means eating mostly natural foods, with a consideration of how seasonal macro-nutrient ratios affect our bodies. Through avoiding the autumnal squirrel formula (which was only available in autumn in stone-age times but now makes up most meals in the western diet) you return to your natural true form just as other creatures in the animal kingdom do in spring.

Spring into your summer body by avoiding autumn foods that promote Winter fat!

This means you should eat for Spring, eat for Summer, eat for Autumn but Don’t Eat for Winter! (well except for a real treat now and again ;-))

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Author of Don't Eat for Winter. 2 time European, pan-American and World amateur kettlebell champion. who went from an obese 115kg to a fit and healthy 78kg through his 5 year journey of discovery around nutrition and exercise. I believe that we will see an avalanche of fat fall from the Earth as people escape from the infinite autumn through The DEFoW Diet concept.