Don’t Eat for Winter

Whether you have a lot of weight to lose and don’t know where to start, or want to cut that last bit of fat your holding on to for an event, sport, or get that hollywood summer body, the information contained within these pages will be of interest to you.  If you exercise, lift weights in a gym, run, cycle, swim or play a sport, the information will help you maximise the results of your efforts so that you get the results you deserve naturally from all your hard work.

Society has got something drastically wrong, considering that globally, obesity is now a bigger killer than malnutrition. Our bodies evolved over millions of years to work in perfect balance with the foods produced seasonally by nature. However, this equilibrium has recently been unhinged as a result of our ingenious ability to farm, store, preserve and transport food.

Nowadays, seasonal foods are available all year round, and because the natural feast/famine cycle has been broken, many people are perpetually gaining weight.

Don't Eat for Winter™Don’t Eat for Winter™ details the fundamental natural reason why this is the case and, using this little secret from nature, gives people a simple and easy method, known as The DEFoW Diet to shed weight and be full of energy without ever being hungry.

My name is Cian Foley, author of Don’t Eat for Winter, I am now in the best shape of my life. All that I have learnt along my eight-year journey from obese to Irish, European, Pan-American and World Amateur Kettlebell champion and beyond is contained within this book, and I want to share this knowledge with you, to save you the hardship and learning I went through. With this knowledge, you will increase your energy levels, build your body-confidence and self-esteem, improve your quality of life and maximise the results of your training.

     Cian Foley - Amateur World Kettlebell Champion    The DEFoW Diet™

The DEFoW Diet is a Controlled-Carb Diet.

Spring into your Summer body by moderating Autumn foods that promote Winter fat.


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Cian Foley is a Software Engineer from Waterford, Ireland and also a 2 time European, pan-American and World amateur kettlebell champion. Cian was a 115kg (256lb) obese 35 year old and has completely transformed into to a fit and healthy 78kg athlete through his 8 year journey of discovery around nutrition and exercise. He now competes as a natural bodybuilder at the age of 43 to prove that it is never too late to get into great shape without the use of steroids.