Have yourselves a DEFoW little Christmas… 

I was asked in supermarket Delhi today, how to keep from eating a pile of junk over Christmas???

Answer = Simple

I will let go and eat my fill, that’s for sure, but damage limitation is the operative term.

First, have a good breakfast, not junk. Yes we’ll all get sweeties in our stockings and the kids will get junk from family and friends too, but get in a healthy breakfast, you owe your body some decent nutrition up front. It’s the least you can do for you. Save the junk for later…

Second, build up a nice appetite for the big dinner (maybe go for a little walk and bring the kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews out to play with toys).

Third, there will be huge portions of everything at dinner load up on the turkey and ham, load up on the brussells sprouts and carrots, and have a couple of roasties too… if you’re going back for seconds, get more meat and veg. Damage limitation, but you certainly won’t feel denied, you’ll be as full as an egg.

Fourth, get a nice cup of black coffee and a modest dessert.  Black coffee goes particularly well with dessert if you have a bite with each sup, melting chocolate, mixing with cream etc. I find with milky coffee the flavour of the coffee is lost if having with a sweet dessert.

Fifth, if you can still move, maybe go out and go for another little walk before coming back and settling in for movie and some beverages with loved ones… If you feel like it then, have a bit of junk food.

Sixth, don’t leave the junk hanging around for days, every time you eat them you trigger the gorge which will keep giving you fixes and you’ll keep wanting more. Throw it out if you have to or do some baking with it e.g. rocky road and give it away / share it…

Finally, make a nice healthy curry with the left over meat, veg, adding spices and more veg, garlic etc. you might even get a few days out of it. Waste not want not.

Merry Christmas one and all!

Have a wonderful holiday.


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Author of Don't Eat for Winter. 2 time European, pan-American and World amateur kettlebell champion. who went from an obese 115kg to a fit and healthy 78kg through his 5 year journey of discovery around nutrition and exercise. I believe that we will see an avalanche of fat fall from the Earth as people escape from the infinite autumn through The DEFoW Diet concept.