DEFoW 30 day January Challenge

Who is up for a 30 day January DEFoW challenge to mule kick junk in the caramel nuts for the new year? Tag, share with friends to join in.

1. Minimum of 2 litres of filtered/bottled water each day. Pint before morning shower. Squeeze in a lemon for extra kudos.

2. 7.5 hours minimum sleep at night. Put your phone in flight mode before midnight and settle in to ensure you release recovery growth hormone during the night.

3. No junk whatsoever mon-friday, only natural whole foods wherever possible and when having a treat on the weekend go out for it and eat something natural like a homemade brownie in a cafe. Don’t bring it into your house.

4. Exercise approx 3-4 hours a week. Suggest that you do a mixture of resistance, cardio and flexibility work any way you like that is enjoyable for you. Use light cardio between days you push hard in a circuit or lifting weights. Make use of those gym memberships and socialise with people. If you keep this up consistently for the year and beyond you will highlight to the world what your DNA is capable of.

5. Do 60+ push ups a day break into as many sets as you need over the day. On knees if you are a beginner, but if you do have to work off knees hold a plank for 10 seconds for every 10 push ups. This will work your core, shoulders, triceps and chest.

6. Cut out carbs in at least one meal a day and keep portions moderate in other meals. If you work at a desk and train evenings I suggest morning time. Try scrambled eggs instead of cereal for example. When eating carbs go for whole food and eat the skin/bran for extra fibre, nutrients and to slow absorption to control blood sugars.

7. No sweetened fruit juice or sugary drinks. If you must have a light flavoured water or low cal vitamin drink but remember they contain sweeteners which can make you crave.

8. Do 60+ bodyweight squats a day, as low as you can safely go. Works lower body and flexibility squatting our bodyweight deep is something we should be able to do. If you need to put a bench under you to sit down on to for safety.

9. Avoid having fat and carbs at the same time. Even natural combos like trail mix or apples with nut butter, though nutritious bring out the squirrel in us. Sorry that means no buttery toast or creamy mash. Have that as a treat if you mus on the weekend.

10. Get out into nature. Walk for 10+ mins every day and a nice long one on weekend along a river, up a mountain, through a forest. Wear the right boots and gear. Breathe in that fresh air, revel in the sun and enjoy the crispness of the January air.

Keep us all informed of your progress, pictures outside, in gym, updates etc and questions on the facebook event page…

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Cian Foley is a Software Engineer from Waterford, Ireland and also a 2 time European, pan-American and World amateur kettlebell champion. Cian was a 115kg (256lb) obese 35 year old and has completely transformed into to a fit and healthy 78kg athlete through his 8 year journey of discovery around nutrition and exercise. He now competes as a natural bodybuilder at the age of 43 to prove that it is never too late to get into great shape without the use of steroids.