Today FM Interview with Dermot and Dave

Before I get started into the experience, here’s a tweet by Today FM with a little snippet of the interview…

I had the absolute privilege of being interviewed by Dermot and Dave on Today FM on the 20th of April 2017.

Dermot Wheelan got back to me on Twitter after I tweeted to himself and Dave Moore about my new book.  He was on holidays and asked me to contact their researcher about coming onto the show the following week so I did that and it actually happened YIPEE!!!

I had to take the morning off work (I work for a great company in Waterford called Kyckr) to go up to the show, and my wife Nicola took the morning off too and came along to keep me company (she’s quite a lady). ROADTRIP!

So we flew up the M9 and got into Stephen’s green nice and early and got a nice cuppa coffee nearby, I hadn’t a clue what I was going to say because I learned a long time ago on radio interviews etc. that you just go with the flow and try be yourself because you just don’t know what you will be asked.  Of course, being me, half way through my coffee I realised that I forgot the books I had for Dermot and Dave and I had to run back to my car, which was on the 4th floor in Stephen’s green car park and then run back to cafe where Nicola was.  Just what I needed, panic before my interview.

Then I got a call from Roisin, the lovely friendly researcher who looked after me before going on and told me I needed to go to the fourth floor of the Today FM building.  Now I was starting to sweat partially because of the running and partially because of my nerves.

I got to reception and the receptionist settled us in and got us a welcome glass of water, and I sat there jittery waiting to be called by Roisin into the lions den.  I was very nervous before the interview until I heard one of the lads say “Our next guest is going to tell us how to lose weight by eating like a BEAR.” Well I nearly fell down the stairs laughing all the way into the studio.

I was greeted in the studio by the lads and they immediately put me at ease.  It felt great to be brought in and trusted to talk live on air about a concept they didn’t know a hell of a lot about.

I had a quick chat with Dermot before the interview and from the few seconds we had, he used what I told him to prompt me along a couple of times.  I thought this was exceptional and shows why he is such a brilliant interviewer, to be able to pick up on points so quickly and help the guest along.

So after the introduction, Dave interjects and says “I have to just say for our listeners, you are an absolute ride!”  Well, all I could do was laugh in my mortification but again it put me doubly at ease and I managed to get through my dry mouth and get going…

To listen to the full interview here’s the link to the Don’t Eat for Winter interview with Dermot and Dave on the Today FM Site

Dave ended the interview with more messing asking me about how my sister and Keith Barry got together, I’m glad I could clarify that it was Keith who asked me could he shift me sister… fair play to Keith for being so honourable and up front about it LOL.

Here’s a snippet video (I didn’t know I was being recorded so I’m glad I wasn’t picking my nose or worse)  of the interview posted by Today FM on twitter…

Aside: Dermot asked me during the interview what carbs I miss and I went down a path of saying that I don’t miss any food because I’ve gotten rid of the noise of sugar from my diet and this is true, but I also meant to say that I still eat carbs every day, I don’t have any foods that I wouldn’t eat at all, as this is not a restrictive diet, rather it is about understanding food and controlling the carb aspect of the diet in order to give the body the exact amount of energy it needs, especially when it comes to the foods that turn into glucose in our blood streams (i.e. sugars and starches) and invoke an insulin response. I do have plenty of treats and so I do go for pizza, or eat a bit of chinese, and have the cake now and again, so it’s not like I’m some sort of monk denying myself, but I am conscious that these foods trigger the most pronounced instincts in mind and body because they follow the squirrel formula, which is why they taste so bloody good… they invoke our primal instincts to gorge for winter and make us feel good because they tend towards the same formula as baby milk (ps I’m not suggesting baby milk is bad but it is designed to make infants get hardy quickly and so the same formula would do similar things to an adult in larger sized portions).
Finally, I got my photo with the lads and Dermot walked me out and said hello to Nicola who had been listening up at the reception area. Dermot is a top guy, and I really appreciate the lucky little break he gave me.

I received lots of positive comments from everyone that heard it afterwards which I was delighted about, I was buzzing after meeting the two lads and many people enquired about and got a copy of the book off the back of the interview, which means the simple message of Don’t Eat for Winter now has a much larger reach.

Of course the core concept is that autumnal foods are designed by nature to help human being survive the winter, through the temporary storage of fat, and now that we’ve made these foods readily available all year round, we’ve essentially created an infinite autumn, which means people put on weight indefinitely and never get the chance to lose it like our stone-age ancestors would have annually… it’s the opposite of the Game of Thrones phrase “Winter is coming!” In our case, Winter isn’t coming, so we have to simulate that somehow and that’s what The DEFoW Diet aims to help people achieve in a nutritious, balanced way through eating seasonally on a daily basis.

Myself and Nicola had a great day and enjoyed the whole experience and were delighted on the spin home seeing the reaction to it online, which was very heart warming and encouraging.

I would like to express my thanks to Dermot and Dave, Roisin and TodayFM for giving me such an amazing opportunity and experience. You don’t have day like this every day but it was brilliant and worth every second of the trip to the big smoke!

If you wish to find out more about Don’t Eat for Winter or get a copy, check out the homepage of the site, which explains the concept and has links to get the book direct using PayPal for a copy of the limited edition first run, and via Amazon Kindle.

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Author of Don't Eat for Winter. 2 time European, pan-American and World amateur kettlebell champion. who went from an obese 115kg to a fit and healthy 78kg through his 5 year journey of discovery around nutrition and exercise. I believe that we will see an avalanche of fat fall from the Earth as people escape from the infinite autumn through The DEFoW Diet concept.