6 sensible tips to keep your sugar levels in check and body tipping away nicely…

Here’s a few tips to help you keep your blood sugar levels stable over the course of the day, whilst also getting in key macro and micronutrients so that your FAB Machine (flesh and bone machine) can keep it’s motor humming…

  1. Cut out cereals for breakfast, especially kids ones, they are loaded with sugar and have a very high GI. You will most likely be hungry before lunch time. If having cereal choose natural fibrous one with low sugar.
  2. Load up on healthy fats and oils in at least one meal in the day, but don’t have anything sweet or starchy within a few hours. Great energy source and supports major body functions.
  3. When choosing your 5+ veg/fruit a day, steer clear of sugary fruit juices, opt for low gi veg and fruit, have max. 1-2 portions of sweet fruit and use for activity. Try and get all colours in everyday.
  4. Have milky coffees like lattes as a special treat, otherwise go for americano or tea with a small amount of milk if you have to have milk. Try and cut down sugar if you take it, remember 1 teaspoon is enough sugar energy to run your brain for 1 hr, and you probably have plenty already from your food.
  5. Replace sugary soft drinks with water, lemon squeezed into water is tart but refreshing for example. Soft drinks are a treat and often loaded with crazy amounts of sugar. Look at the labels.
  6. Get some protein in with each meal, very satiating and supports body repair and will keep your muscles strong. Protein can help stabilise blood sugar levels through the release of glucagon, preventing sugar levels dropping too low. If the protein source is fatty choose fibrous low gi veg instead of sugary/starchy carbs with it.
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Cian Foley is a Software Engineer from Waterford, Ireland and also a 2 time European, pan-American and World amateur kettlebell champion. Cian was a 115kg (256lb) obese 35 year old and has completely transformed into to a fit and healthy 78kg athlete through his 8 year journey of discovery around nutrition and exercise. He now competes as a natural bodybuilder at the age of 43 to prove that it is never too late to get into great shape without the use of steroids.