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Don’t Eat for Winter™ is written by computer programmer/IT researcher Cian Foley with foreword by Dr. Mark Rowe, author of ‘A Prescription for Happiness’

“I battled with obesity all my life.  When I hit 18.5 stone and had pains in my chest I had no choice but to take my health into my own hands and find a solution.  I used my computer science and research background to investigate the human body as if it were a machine and discovered something about nature in the process that had a miraculous effect on me. I am now 12 stone, a 2 time European and a World champion amateur kettlebell lifting champion and in the best shape of my life in my 40s”

Through my research and practical experimentation on my own body, I found that the most effective diets to cut body-fat were lower in carbohydrates, which surprised me as I grew up with the low-fat ethos (which is now in question). After much research and thought, I had the classic Eureka moment and a hunch about carbs being a major factor in the preparation of the human body for winter. I put all of natures harvest and their glycemic index (GI) values into a spreadsheet and plotted them on a graph and discovered a huge spike in high gi foods in Autumn time, the classic bell curve.  It was then clear what was going on.

The addition of carbs to the stone-age diet was preparing human beings for winter through the storage of body-fat as a reserve energy supply to assist with survival through the food shortages of winter and an insulation layer to help protect the body from hypothermia.  Of course, today, because of our ingenuity as a society we’ve become the ultimate squirrels, in terms of transport, storage and preservation of food. We are now eating autumnal foods all year round in both natural and refined forms (fluffy white starches and sugars/syrups) so we’ve effectively created a perpetual, artificial, augmented autumn, which is indefinitely preparing the human body for a phantom winter that never comes.

I suggest that this is the obvious reason why weight gain is chronic in so many countries:

We’re eating for winter all of the time!

The book argues and teases out this theory and explains what I did about it personally in order to get myself back into great shape, full health and fitness. The book also contains a set of guidelines called The DEFoW Diet™ which gives advice on healthy diet and lifestyle choices as opposed to the self-denial approach of going on a calorie restriction diet. My wife Nicola now also lives by these guidelines and the results have been amazing with both of us achieving very low body-fat percentages with ease, and maintaining it indefinitely with ease.

Whether you’re looking to lose a lot of weight or simply those last few pounds, the book could have the answer for you.  It explains everything you need to do to take personal responsibility over that amazing machine of yours, your body, which deserves looking after.


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Endorsed by Dr. Mark Rowe

“I endorse this book for two reasons. Firstly because it encourages us all to look at our dietary habits through new eyes and understand that the food we eat has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. Not just what we eat but understanding the when and the why. Perhaps more importantly for me the second reason – the author Cian Foley. I have known Cian for many years and he has attended several events I have hosted on health and wellbeing. His ongoing personal transformation over that time from couch potato to kettle bell champion has been nothing short of inspirational.”


Thumbs Up from Keith Barry, Master Mentalist

“…I think it’s truly a great book for those who are working on losing weight or need some helpful dietary tips and tricks. I’m quite well read in this area but am no means an expert and love learning new things – I certainly learned from his book. Gets the Barry thumbs up…”

– Keith Barry, International Magician / Master Mentalist,  Advisor to movie stars on the set of Now You See Me 1&2