The DEFoW Diet™

The Don’t Eat for Winter™ diet, or The DEFoW Diet™ for short, is a set of 10 guidelines to becoming the version of yourself that nature intended.

There are a number of aspects to the guidelines which requires some basic understanding of human energy systems, human instincts and body processes, food types, nutrients and exercise to appreciate them fully.  All of this information is contained within the pages of the book.

The DEFoW Diet is a type of Paleolithic Prescription.  These types of diets started in the 70s with Walter Voegtlins book, The Stoneage Diet, followed in the 80s by The Paleolithic Prescription itself by Stanley Boyd Eaton et. al.  In the 90s, James V Neal, an American Geneticist, recommended the Paleolithic Prescription as a way to tackle modern day chronic obesity and all of the health issues that ensue as a result.  His hypothesis, known as The Thrifty Genotype suggests that human beings evolved with an ability to store fat easily, as it was once an advantageous tool to facilitate human survival during times of famine.  Nowadays, of course, famine is a rarity, so this talent is no longer advantageous.

Don’t Eat for Winter suggests that it is autumnal foods, especially foods loaded with carbohydrates, in both starchy and sugary forms, that prepare us for winter by activating instincts and processes within the human body that encourage fat storage.  Nature used to moderate carbohydrates for us through the natural seasons, however, now that we’ve taken her out of the equation through modern storage facilities, preservatives, transport etc., we must take responsibility and moderate the consumption of carbohydrates in order to prevent chronic weight gain.

The DEFow Diet is a set of guidelines to combat these instincts and helps us prevent the perpetual weight gain that modern society inadvertently fosters.