Is Don’t Eat for Winter for You?

If You are Overweight or Obese

If you’re overweight or obese (I hate that word), I wrote the book for you in particular because I was in that situation and I would have loved if someone helped me tackle the issue.  I know how you feel and it’s not your fault.  The problem is societal as we were misled.  As a result we have been misinformed by the scientific orthodoxy about diet for the past 60 years and now it has been reported that obesity is killing three times as many as malnutrition. I was there, I was 6.5 stone over what I am now and had a lot less muscle too so you could say I was carrying approximately 7 stone of pure fat on my body, plus whatever healthy levels of fat I have now. This fat was deposited on my body over many many years of eating for winter, without ever moderating autumnal foods.  When I think about it now, I must have eaten for 140 winters given that I was eating autumnal carbs every day of my life for 35 years. Through eating more naturally the fat melted off, which was when I twigged what was really going on. Once I figured it out and applied the DEFoW diet on myself, I lost all remaining weight and got down to my ideal bodyweight and have hovered at <10% bodyfat for well over a year without difficulty.   I was ignorant to diet and had to work it all out for myself the hard way and as a result you won’t have to go through what I did. I’m a computer programmer and researcher and I think I may have finally hacked the system with the book.

Trying to Shed the Last Few Pounds

The book is particularly useful if you are trying to lose the last few pounds and you’ve struggled or hit a plateau.  Maybe you want to lose weight for an event like a wedding, a holiday etc. Most of us carry fat in particular places, like tummy, back of arms, chest etc. which we would like to get rid of.  Derogatory terms such as man-boobs (moobs) and bingo wings come to mind, which all add to a terrible stigma about weight we all succumb to and might be harmful to people, that shouldn’t be your motivation, the main motivation should be to feel healthy and as a result look healthy.  I trained for 5 years and won a world championship but was still carrying about 8kg of fat I didn’t need (to be honest I didn’t think I needed to lose that much at that stage).  I applied the DEFoW diet and I dropped another jeans size, over a stone of weight and it revealed abs and muscles I hadn’t seen in years. It was incredulous and was giddy because I couldn’t believe how effective it was.  On the left is a picture of me right now (16/03/2017), no photoshop, no gym pump, no torture, and I’ll be 41 in a few weeks a full year after I began applying the diet.  I feel this is a healthy weight for me.

Fitness Enthusiasts / Athletes

If you feel you aren’t getting enough out of your body for your gym sessions, maybe you feel sluggish in the gym, or you don’t feel like you’re recovering well enough, perhaps the book will help open your eyes to some things you hadn’t thought of.  As a kettlebell athlete, I had to fuel my body optimally and I went from couch potato to amateur national, european, pan-american and world champion in a few short years through fuelling my body correctly for my sessions.  The book discusses the various energy systems utilised when exercising and the types of fuels required to power those systems.  It details the kinds of supplements necessary in terms of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and others, in order to get the most out of training sessions and recover well.  It also details the kind of exercise sessions I do over the course of the week, a mix between anaerobic and aerobic sessions.

Everyone else

The book is an easy read according to the initial reviews and is difficult to put down.  From comments like “a fascinating read” to “it all makes sense now” the general consensus so far is that it’s a page turner that people can’t put down. If you have any sort of interest in why people are prone to putting on weight it will be of interest to you. Perhaps someone in your family is overweight, a spouse, brother, sister, parent, child and you want to help them understand and encourage them to make some changes to turn them back into the healthiest version of themselves.