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“…I think it’s truly a great book for those who are working on losing weight or need some helpful dietary tips and tricks. I’m quite well read in this area but am no means an expert and love learning new things – I certainly learned from his book. Gets the Barry thumbs up. Especially great for people beginning their journey into improving their physique. “

– Keith Barry, International Magician/ Master Mentalist,  Advisor to movie stars on the set of Now You See Me 1&2

“Get a copy of this book because it really is a fascinating read… It took up most of my weekend, I couldn’t even watch hurling or soccer matches… It’s one of those books that’s a page turner, you just can’t help reading it”

– Matt Keane, On the Ball, WLRFM

“Plenty of diets out there. Plenty of rubbish too. But many don’t explain the why without baffling science and strict unsustainable management. Or contain non-local ingredients. This book is simple and educational. And based on logic. One word hit me when I read it. Resonance. Cheers Cian Foley. It finally makes sense.”

– Alan Rossiter, Wexford

“If you read any book this year make sure it’s this one #donteatforwinter

Iv been doing kettlebells for over 3 years and since I took it up one of the greatest benefits iv gotten from it was a friendship with Cian Foley
Cian is an inspiration, he came from a back round of poor nutrition and health to winning a world championship gold medal in kettlebell lifting.

In this book he shows you the why and how.
It’s and investment in your health…”

– Dave O’Leary Nutrition, Cork

“Stayed up till 1.30 last night reading it. Its like a good suspense thriller your waiting to see what happens next.”

– Catherine O’Neill, Waterford

“It seems only fitting that I give a quick review of this book, like a lot of people I have tried many different diet techniques from juicing to water based stuff and have failed. I got this book from Cian last week and started to read it that day, well first of all let me say I’m not one for reading and get bored very quickly but this is one of those you literally can’t put down, I completed it in 3 evenings.

The information supplied is easy to read and understand, it gives examples of what foods to eat and when to eat them, this might seem the norm to people but when I’m asked to eat certain types of carbs I straight away think what’s a carb ?

This book says it all and even gives a weekly example of what to eat and when to eat. I have started the plan this morning with ease and will continue with it, I have taken a before pic of myself and will hold off posting it till I have a reasonable after pic to compare the two.

Thank you Cian Foley for sharing your knowledge and learnings with us, it is inspirational and thought provoking. I will be recommending this book to everybody I know.”

– Barry Wadding, Wexford

“I’m on chapter 5 and loving it so far! Accessible information and my instant take-away…’s not my fault if I eat excess food (carbs), it’s my body’s biological urge to get the supplies in for winter. So I have to control my primitive instincts, in a mindful way, without sudden deprivation, just a re-tuning of my engine…..let the adventure begin :)”

– Roisin O’Shea